Our Company

Our company is based around the world travel expertise of our President and Owner William G. Altaffer. Bill has visited every country in the world. Our goal is to design custom private travel to the most remote areas of the world.


"I never leave home without Bill's in-depth knowledge of world travel. As a binding expert, Bill has helped me to reach the most remote areas of the earth, such as Tristan da Cunta and Palmerston Island."

Mary Anne Smith
Richards, Texas

"When I need an expert for my demanding and different travel goals, I choose Bill. Soon, I will reach my goal of 300 countries in the travelers Century Club and Bill has helped me reach it."

Richard Haddad
Arlington, Texas

"I met Bill on a trip to Socotra and since then I have used his services to visit Kamchatka, Tanna Tuva. We have North Korea on our plate for the future"

Graham Prendergast
Boston, Massachussetts